@unmanneddrone Good to know, I definitely had that problem with the iron sights, but I solved it by picking up an old WW2 scope, which made clearing out the assholes in that wastewater plant a turkey shoot… until I ran out of large caliber rounds and had to clear the last guy out with my sidearm.

I can’t quite tell how much is Misery and how much is Vanilla CoP (which is probably for the best), but this game is SO engrossing. It has the same flavor and technical jank of Stalker SoC, but it’s more open and the oppressive atmosphere is so much more dense, especially when you run outside at night with a gas mask on. That weather!

I’ve been surviving pretty well so far and I’m looking like a real Stalker now. My sniper is a cold individual. With the survival stakes this high, I’ve found myself running into firefights to scavenge the dead as well as saying “EFF YOU, buddy” to a lot of people in need. Trust is scarce. Oh, this artifact will heal your dying friend? Too bad, it means fresh ammo and hot grub to me.

It’s a little desperate at first. Of course, they drop you off in the forest with 5 bullets, a vague mission goal, and zero direction. But once you get to the Skadovsk and manage to get some scratch, I feel like you fall into a sort of realistic routine of getting the food and ammo you need, going out to do a specific mission, and then going back to get paid and to sleep before the exhaustion headaches set in.

Then again, the Zone has other plans, and you may run into the basement of a building to escape an emission (which are scary and amazing), but find it’s full of bloodsuckers that your Mosin-Nagant does fuck-all to.

Great game.