I bet stalkers smell terrible. Ive been rolling in mud and breaking a sweat all day just trying to stay alive.
Misery of course makes the stakes just that much higher, and the sense of consequences are constantly looming. I think I plan for a trip across the map, but end up half dead stumbling back towards ‘Skadovsk’ the sweet heaven of a beached rusted tanker. Back to the appropriately named ‘Beard’ for supplies on the next trek. Mutants are tough, yes… but at least they don’t shoot. Those mercenaries guarding that building down south… I can’t seem to give them the solid snake, in the totally non-erotic way.

Bullets act like they should, which is something I have come to appreciate. Suddenly you are as powerful as anyone else, and your urge to shoot a friendly Stalker for jollies is met with apprehension. You end up finally binding yourself to that unspoken agreement all Stalkers would have to have, that in calloquial situation you don’t try to murder them mid sentence. If not for that it becomes a game of chance like two cowboys ready to smoke each other in a saloon. You feelin’ lucky …. punk? Say you get a head shot, what if the guy next to him doesn’t like the cut of your jib? Odds are not stacked in your favor. Chances are you only have 2 bullets anyway. Thats right keep that shooter in your pants.

So far? I love it. There are a lot of subtle upgrades to the aesthetic which I enjoy, and I feel that the pacing really helps give the environments a lot more character too. There is nothing quite like being chased by extremely deadly mutants through tall grass that makes you mindful of the routes you take. Even the sight of Skadovsk in the distance is a sight that gives such tangible relief when you have had a harsh run in with the wasteland.