@redswir1 I dunno, I suppose it depends on the genre…I’ve always associated the French with pristine, visually grandiose adventure titles…the big studios of yore were French; Cryo, Microids, White Birds (the Benoit Sokal game devs) etc., not always the most exciting of games, but aesthetically rich. As far as indie developers go, all I can think of at the moment are the Fray guys – Braincandy – out of Paris. Germans…well…Germans make good economic strategy games. JoWood – when it was alive – did a great job filling the void left after Chris Sawyer and the Tycoon games dried up…although they were always hampered with strange UI choices, Transport Giant being a huge offender. I don’t think they were terribly big studios, so perhaps the indie scene wasn’t there in any big way due to burgeoning devs being able to jump aboard in a relatively free environment.

That biker game looks rather interesting, though! Fingers crossed for a Vita port, because that touchscreen is crying out for such a game! I daresay it’d be even better on the Sony portable!

@bowlisimo Very good! What class are you going? I think the class choice is hardcoded into the installer, so your choice is FINAL! Or, unless you reinstall the mod. Ahem.

@beige As a man who likes a challenge, jump in. It’s not, from what I understand, a Dark Souls-esque difficulty; perhaps one where you know you’ve planned poorly and must deal with the consequences. You know that last medkit in your pack is it. You know that if you eat that rancid meat, you won’t have anything left, with the chance of happening upon another meal slim to none. Plus the meat is irradiated and you’ll have to find anti-rads once it starts poisoning your system and begins to affect your faculties. Etc. etc.

It is the life of those in the Zone. Life is cheap, supplies are expensive, solace fleeting. But my greatest fear, my vicarious thrill…that deep, ominous stratospheric rending, like opposing celestial glaciers colliding: the mighty emission, the all-powerful blow-out. Bowley can attest to the Clear Sky blow-outs. Old Testament-level business.