Sadly I can’t read any of those stories right now. I’m not even far enough in Dark Souls to even be talking about Sen’s Fortress. Hell I’m still dealing with the Gaping Dragon – and I’ve decided to take a break until I can finish Demon’s Souls, so reading that article is gonna be on hold for a while. What I can say though is that Dark Souls isn’t just about being hard. In my opinion we like Dark Souls because it actually trusts us to use our full mental capacity and figure shit out on our own. It’s a game that knows when to just shut the fuck up and let you play it.

Also, even though it’s my first Elder Scrolls game, I am personally not having any issue with Skyrim’s storytelling. After about 60 hours of play across two characters, what’s being told might not be as interesting as The Witcher 2, but mechanically it’s technically doing things that it could only do as a game. Nary a cut scene or QTE in the whole thing. It’s even a pretty good balance between pre-written stories that people convey to you, and dynamic stories that just happen.

I think Bethesda’s games do a good job of conveying narrative to the player the way it would happen normally, all unified in one perspective. This is kind of a stupid example for me to make, but when I first played Fallout 3 I couldn’t help but hear a lot of people keep mentioning a place called “Rivet City” as if it were some far off place, and then actually being able to go there is what finally conveyed to me the sense of place that world exudes in terms of narrative immersion.