@shingro I’ll nab it, but I don’t know how long I’ll last. Not that it has any bearing, but my Missus is an art teacher at a school for the disabled (or whatever the goddamn PC word is we’ve had deemed okay), so should be interesting. I’d show it to her, but she has a remarkable disdain for the manga stylings and tropes borne of her own country – would you believe it!?

EDIT: So I’m checking this out…and, black-hearted, military hardware-loving old me is *gulp* finding this somewhat fascinating. There you go! An even bigger “would you believe it!?” situation.

EDIT FOR SUNDAY EVE IMPRESSIONS: Alright, up to a certain festival. It’s definitely interesting, and being acquainted with events such as that do resonate with legitimacy, as well as the dynamics of school life with club activities and whatnot. Outside of a certain character claiming the gender balance is an intentional conspiracy, it would have been nice to have a little more in the way of male characters outside of teaching staff and the odd lad. Is it fan service? In any case, while unnecessarily verbose in parts, it’s quite a disarming little experience thus far. There are some reasonable depictions of disabilities, but they’re packaged in manga/J-drama fluff that does bevel the jagged edges off, and outside of classical depiction over-emphases (bordering on and certainly within the realm of parody), I’m yet to see a non-physical handicap. Time will tell.

But for two and a half hours of my Sunday eve, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the levity, irked by certain tropes (why oh why do most VNs need to sport such juvenile art?! There are plenty of terrific manga artists and styles that don’t make me embarrassed to have pics open on my desktop – more than once my wife looked over and uttered a few rueful descriptors), but intrigued and shall continue to play.

What the hell have you done, Shingro?! I should be in Angola or something, trying to stop my Soviet armour from getting its tracks blown off. Perhaps it’s a karmic balance, with the STALKER Misery mod coming out this week…