@shingro I have just read your Wall o’ Text to Beige while he defended a base in Assassin’s Creed. He wishes me to say:

“IMO, we wouldn’t be who we are if this wasn’t the kind of place where people could come and testify about erogalges or whatever the fuck else.”

Which I will interpret to mean that he supports you. 😉 For myself, I will show my library nerd background and quote the inestimable Betty Rosenberg, reader’s advisory hero:

“Never apologize for your reading taste.”

The world has room in it for all manner of things, and all of us are free to like and dislike the things we choose. So long as we’re not hurting anyone, it does none of us any good to feel shame over loving what we love.

We’ve recently played To The Moon, which treats similar subject matter. The difficulties were primarily mental rather than physical, and the condition in question is never once named (though a little judicious internet research can identify it.) Mark says he’s been wondering what you were up to since Dark Souls and that he appreciates hearing from you, and there is talk of investigating Katawa Shoujo in the household, moving problems permitting. 🙂

By the way, lest it get lost in the shuffle, new squad mix, yay! I will begin looking for tracks as soon as I can…again, moving problems permitting.