@mjpilon If you ain’t in Bayonetta then you might just need to get out right now. That’s pretty much the sole reason why it was one of my top games of that year.

@bowlismo Whoa whoah whoah… you DID sit through the credits of each Metal Gear game right?! RIGHT?!

Anyway, I don’t know what came over me with these last couple days of Skyrim. I decided to reroll my character and got to nearly level 20 (the same level as my last character) in two days. I think I’m ready to take another “break” though since I’ve arrived at a quest where I’ll have to walk a long goddamn way through the frozen northern wastes where I know about 1,000 sidequests are waiting for me. I really need to find a way to play Bethesda games in small bites instead of life-destroying chunks.