First off, Great Squadcast gentlemen! It had been far too long….

And yes, while we are not really the “typical” audience for military shooters and @feenwager, the “Why are they talking so much about this?” did cross my mind, I believe I speak for most of the listeners when I say we don’t mind such conversation because y’all do it right.

Regarding asynchronous board games on iPhone/iPad, while I agree that there is something missing without the in-person social interactions, given the distance there is between us, I’ll take it to enjoy some Carcassone and other games that I couldn’t otherwise – someday I will get the best of @RocGaude and @angryjedi ;).

I would also like to hear more from you all about the brief “lack of quality gaming podcasts” point that was mentioned on the show. Looking at my podcast subs, I am down to (Squadcast excluded): Giant Bombcast, Weekend Confirmed and Totally Rad Show tangentially. Part of that is due to needing to pair down my weekly commitments as well as a number of my favorite shows going dark or personalities no longer being on shows (basically the old 1UP crew). How have the rest of you seen your podcast listens change recently?

In “Whatchabeenplayin’ news,

  • I received Bayonetta through Game Access two days and decided to jump in. Oh my god…. This game had me with the “Fly to the Moon” rendition during the initial scene of the game. Not too impressed with the gameplay and the camera is certainly not helping but I’ll get through this game if only to hear the rest of the cheezy one-liners and shear absurdity that I expect to come.
  • Working my way through Puzzle Agent from my Squad Santa package. Enjoying most of the puzzles although some of them could have used more detailed explanations. Failed some initially because certain rules weren’t clear. Very odd and quirky story but that seems appropriate for the game. Should be done with it soon.
  • Put some time into Crank and Jamestown from the Humble Bundle. Crank is worth it for the art style but really isn’t that special as a beat ’em up. Kinda happy I didn’t spend 10$ for it on XBLA. Also, way too short for a game – about 2-3 hrs. Jamestown, on the other hand, is a very well-done top-down shooter and well worth your money if you enjoy such games. I’m realizing that I probably won’t get through the whole game but that says more about me and top-down shooters than the quality of the game.
  • I’m also planning to spend some time with Civ 5 shortly to prep for Squad world domination 😉

More thoughts to come as I work through my Steam library – yay for finally having Windows 7 boot camped on my MBP – and the other games I have sitting here post-holidays: Saints Row 3, Assassin Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3, Ico and SotC HD, Bioshock 2 (One last try before it goes) and Heavy Rain (Started it and then stopped it – need to be in a certain mood to play this it seems…). Nice pile of shame I have lined up 😀