Thanks to the folks who’ve quick as a flash submitted themes! Some very nice ones indeed.

What’re folks playing this weekend? I assume @beige and @rampantbicycle will have their feet firmly up, given the recent load lifted.

EDIT: I’ll throw in a few things from the playlist..outside of the usual suspects (SupCom2 etc.), it’s been a little bit of an iOS bonanza. Nabbed Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror Remastered Edition (despite wanting just the plain old original version of the game) for a cool 99c, and just enjoying the sentimental awesomeness of it all. Gets a lot of flak for its slight sophomoric slump after the impeccable original BS, but I love it to bits.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is a curious find, nabbed it when it was free. It’s a great take on the dual-stick top-down shooter because it has an auto-aim system, but it’s far from an easy game. Great little game akin to a cocktail of Loaded/Reloaded, Hunter: The Reckoning, Killzone: Liberation and a few of those indie games like Shadowgrounds. Really enjoyable, especially for a Dredd fanboy.

Reiner Knizia’s Samurai is just a sterling little boardgame gone digital. A simple yet tactical take on tile-based territory capture. Has Asynch multiplayer if anyone is interested.

Square Enix’s forgotten fantasy take on Galcon, of all things, in Hills & Rivers Remain. Same concept – send units to neutral position, bolster position with reinforcements, repeat process until overwhelm enemy – but they mix it up with a little selection of temporary buffs and having only the capital city produce units. The trick is to move the capital around your network of captured fortresses to tactically garrison units. Quite cool, nothing deep, but unnervingly addictive. Some sleep has been sacrificed to this when I should have been dozing.

And finally, Necronomicon Redux…a card game similar to Orions in that you place units or effects along a five-block frontline, including enemy horrors to oppose them. It’s not at all intuitive, but it’s quite a different type of card game to most out there. Elder Sign: Omens is the more attractive and ‘fun’ Lovecraftian game, given its boardgame heritage, but Necronomicon Redux is an intriguing little thing.

On the PC, will try to dedicate an eve to GalCiv2, domestic responsibilities notwithstanding.

May everyone have a fine weekend.