Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, lagomorphs and tortoises. To you, I shall unveil the Squad Mix and as such, you shall see how ye fared in the guessing game.

01 – M83 – “Skin of the Night” – Sinfony
02 – The Swollen Members – “Deep End” – Impynickers
03 – Murray Head – “One Night in Bangkok” – Bowlisimo
04 – Kassin – “Melancolie” – Redswirl
05 – The Silversun Pickups – “Royal We” – Roc Gaude
06 – The Strokes – “Evening Sun” – MJPilon
07 – Stars – “Going Going Gone” – Shingro
08 – Grandmaster Flash – “The Message” – Impynickers
09 – BT – “Mercury & Solace” – Angryjedi
10 – The Jazzistics – “Martin Marcus and Malcom” – Redswirl
11 – Rei Harakami – “Pone” – Rampant Bicycle
12 – Brothomstates – “End of an Era” – Unmanneddrone
13 – Butch Walker & The Black Widows – “Closest thing to you I’m gonna find” – Feenwager
14 – Air – “Le Soleil Est Pres de Moi” – Beige
15 – Corey Hart – “Sunglasses At Night” – Rampant Bicycle
16 – Utada Hikaru – “Travelling” – Shingro
17 – Alec Holowka – “The Traveller” – Angryjedi
18 – Access To Arasaka – “400 Bloc Overground” – Unmanneddrone
19 – Black Label Society – “Fire It Up” – Feenwager
20 – Alexi Murdoch – “Orange Sky” – MJPilon
21 – Edward Shearmur – “Taxi Ride” – Bowlisimo
22 – Boards of Canada – “Telephasic Workshop” – Roc Gaude
23 – Michael Brook – “Ultramarine” – Beige
24 – Mogwai – “I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead” – Sinfony

Again, bravo to you folks and thanks for being patient in submitting and all that jazz. Love putting these together and this one certainly has a cohesiveness of high distinction. You’ve all done yourselves proud!

Now, the epilogue. Where and how does one’s choice of track fit with the theme? First of all, the theme itself…if you want a rundown of the poster from go to woe, I shamefully will link you up HERE to a blog post on the creation…but the name itself came from our very own Feenwager’s work trip to Hong Kong.

Huge fan of Honkers, and the time spent there either in transit or holiday, the city is a vibrant and exuberant place – whether it’s the Kowloon streets of neon, tenements and their parasitic ranks of air conditioning boxes jutting out into the concrete canyons; or the crisp and balanced busyness of Hong Kong Island, with its luxurious mix of greenery and skyscraper. Not to mention the water traffic…goddamn, the logistical rambunctiousness of the waterways…oh dear, I’ve gotten way off track. Anyway, yes, being a sucker for cities, and always feeling philosophical during the transition from day to night, there happened a coalescing of themes and notions that became…well…what you see and hear.

So, yes, my track explanations…

Brothomstates – End of an Era. This track accompanied me in my last days before leaving Down Under; those strange months where I was winding up one life and, haphazardly, kicking off another. In any case, the name was fitting, but I spent a lot of time walking our dog through the outer suburbs of the city and always ended up atop this rather steep hill that overlooked the city centre, usually at dusk. Rather wistful, given that this particular hill was under an aircraft flightpath…with the evening international arrivals parading only the largest of machines overhead, their landing gear dropping from the undercarriage as they made their pass and continued their descent. Sentimental.

Access To Arasaka – 400 Bloc Overground – Now this churning piece of digital business…it’s perhaps a nod to the great cyberpunk metropolitan idealism within pop-culture. The inclines, the edges, the tenacity of a city moving into darkness; a side many cannot see the full extent of. There’s a discernable aural ambience cast by the evening and onwards. The noise, but paradoxically, the absence of noise. Darkened inner city suburbs, sometimes nothing more than nigh-inaudible domestic muffles and those dim, unmistakeable changes of colour that occur when a television bathes a living room in light – carelessly witnessed in the periphery of vision as one walks to one’s destination. 400 Bloc Overground seems to encompass both the sparked, flashy and determined acceleration of a city at night, but also the subdued semi-slumber of suburbs during their nocturnal hours.

Now, friends, care to share your inspirations for the submission? Lyrics, attached memories, evocation?