@bowlisimo Yeah, I remarked to @rocgaude that it was definitely a harder thing to rig with any semblance of cohesion, this particular squad mix – especially given how headspacey and introspective many of the tracks were. Still, the flow seemed to undulate respectably; short stretches of downtempo think-music met with slightly more raw and charged tracks. You guys certainly submitted great stuff.

Woohoo! Demigod just got submitted to Steam, for a cool 6.99! I spent a lot of time with the demo back in the day and during its dark launch and usual set of bugger-ups, but damn…at this price? I certainly wouldn’t say no to Santa dropping this into a digital stocking…


…how subtle. 😛

EDIT: OH GOD, and X3: Albion Prelude, too! @bowlisimo – will you take the plunge once again?