*Downloading* I think I could’ve done better on this, but that’s what I get for hastily sifting through playlists hours before catching a plane. I guess there’s something to be said for choosing from the hip, and yeah, no Blade Runner.

@impynickers Hah, I thought about Akira as well. Probably Kaneda’s theme.

In other news, having a lot of fun with MGS2. Just fought a harrier on foot (in true video game fashion) while Snake and Otacon tossed me supplies. Sure, why not? Also nice to see the badder-asser Snake from Escape from New York referenced.

After all the Western hoo-raaah military shit I’ve been playing lately, the Japanese melodramatic flair and cinematic style is actually a breathe of fresh air. You’re not going to find a cutscene in Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2 where a lady holding a particle cannon stands alone on a metal walkway to some sad saxophone while bullets redirect all around her. Very anime, kind of reminds me of Cowboy Bebop.

@beige I’m on the fence right now about Raiden. I think it’s the voice acting that’s bugging me, does he have to sound slightly whiny all the time? I think you can still be “the kid” and not sound like you just got sucked into a video game from your mom’s basement. (Edit: That’s a little harsh, but you get my point)