@feenwager Rayman looks very French, and by that I mean beautiful, creative and stylistically off-beat. Something about its Ren & Stimpy weirdness isn’t working for me, at least from videos, but I’ve never been a Rayman fan anyway, so who cares what I think.

I’m with you though, 2D games like that are still great fun, and all the more appealing now that we’ve more or less dicked around with 3D ever since we had the technology.

@beige I don’t really have any expectations other than blonde, katana, and eventually I’m assuming the Gray Fox robo-ninja treatment. I doubt I’ll hate him. Like I said when I started this, I’m giving Kojima a lot of slack. He’s not even close to running out yet. It’s not so hard with all of this hindsight. Maybe I would have been mad in 2001 if I were invested in the series.

@redswir1 Understandable.