@redswir1 Wow, still posting on 1up? I know you said the blog community there was vivacious, but I’m surprised it survived this long. Hell, I’m surprised 1up is still a site people go to at all, but that’s just me. You must be pretty active on Shacknews too, it seems like Garnett drops your name at least once a month on Weekend.

@anyone Ran around the tanker a bit in MGS2 HD for the first time. Already I can tell it’s a more indulgent game than the last. Here I am, snapping necks like in MGS, but now apparently I can catch a cold if I stay out in the rain too long, and will get a trophy if I “kiss” a Japanese locker pinup. There’s a fine, fine line we’re walking between the absurd and the serious, but so far it has never tipped over completely into absurdly serious nor seriously absurd territory.

Anyway, Snakes a boss. I’m trying to enjoy playing him before he gets swapped out for that blonde guy.