Just a little recommendation to check out the following…

@angryjedi‘s piece on his bullet hell shmup experiences. I love reading folks’ impressions and thoughts whilst indulging in genres they either haven’t enjoyed prior or by whatever means just find themselves within. Should really take a leaf out of the Jedi’s book and check out something I wouldn’t otherwise go for.

@redswir1‘s article on RAGE and why it’s a top shooty-shoot experience of 2011, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth legitimately brought on by driver-side technical issues or the illegitimate whelping of overwrought “John Carmack is dead to me!” nonsense due to issues drawn from tenuous comparisons. Thought-provoking description:

…structurally speaking RAGE is very nearly a PS2-era Japanese RPG minus the RPG elements. It has towns, roads, and what are essentially dungeons.

Found that a fairly apt description, though let it not dissuade folks from checking it out if JRPGs are not one’s cup of Earl Grey. Mad fun, especially in an age where even the most linear of rollercoaster shooters have distinct levels of padding and pretension. RAGE is the honey badger of 2011’s FPS stable, because it just doesn’t give a shit. Probably like Serious Sam 3 and Bulletstorm. The top 3 Honey Badgers of the year, at least in terms of FPS titles.

@beige Heard good things, or at least promising things, on Rebel FM from the suffer-no-fools grouch Arthur Gies on the topic of Spec Ops: The Line. Says there is absolutely no dick-waving or Yankee-doodlisms in there and is fairly confronting on a number of levels. Even made special mention of the weaponry having a distinct lethality to them – which might objectively sound ridiculous, but in an age of third-person bullet-sponge affairs, there’s a savage impact and horror to the gunplay allegedly in Spec Ops.

Bodes well. I’m in, but I was from Day One. Go Yager!