@beige Spec Ops: The Line sounds promising. Unfortunately that bit about the game-ness of it getting in the way sounds all too familiar, especially the immersion breaking glowing collectible problem. Indigo Prophecy’s tender guitar with ex-girlfriend moment was ruined by a spinning, purple glowing tarot card on the balcony. If your game is trying to be serious, for fuck’s sake, DON’T DO THAT.

@redswirl That’s a lot of D&D to bite off all at once. I think you’d be fine with just BG I & II and Planescape, but that price is hard to argue with, considering the amount of hours and content combined. Dare I say it, but maybe pirate BG and figure out if you even like that style of game before you buy all 600 whatever hours there is there?

As for the D&D rules? The only thing that doesn’t make sense is THAC0, where lower armor numbers are better, and maybe some of that wizard’s spell book stuff…ehhh you know what? Screw it, you’ll be fine.