@bowlisimo The batshit-ness peaks at MGS2.

The most popular theory among fans is that Kojima didn’t want to make MGS2 as soon as he did, but the first game hit big time so Konami didn’t really give him a choice. So, he basically made that game’s story the biggest troll to the fans ever, making it so ridiculous that no one would ever even ask him to tie it up,

Fans loved it… well enough fans for him to have to make MGS3, at which point we think Kojima threw his hands up and said “fine, let’s go all the way with this”. The craziness evens out in MGS3, but looking back it’s still pretty ridiculous at points, with enough decent development to make for a meaningful story. Same thing with Peace Walker.

But then Kojima had to actually try to tie up MGS2… and the attempt became MGS4. Let’s just say it was an impossible task to begin with.