@shingro I watched a lot of Greg Kasavin’s marathon and I’m actually kind of stoked for Skyrim…just not right now. I’m content to have caught the Souls wave of discussion this time around, so I’m going to sit this one out.

For me, it won’t be a lack of challenge, it’ll be getting bored with the Elder Scrolls combat system, which is the only thing I feel Demon’s/Dark Souls has really ruined for me (a little bit of Mount & Blade too). To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with it back when Oblivion released either. This new one looks marginally more engaging in that regard.

No, with Bethesda games my course is very predictable. I’ll most likely dig real deep and lose myself in the world, then a point will come (30-50 hours in) where I get sick of the life of a ronin and jump back on the main quest for some direction, which eventually leads to The End…and then me asking myself, “what is the point of doing this now?”. The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

@beige I saw that email. Curious. Could be cool, sounds kinda Total Recall-ish, but without Johnny Cab and seeing Richter at the party.