@beige Ok, “extremely terrified” is overstating it a bit, let’s call it “increasingly worried”.

If that statement in the article you linked means, “This is where the shit hits the fan”, then OK. If it means, “All that you did will be forgotten so as to not alienate new people”, then…*nerd rage*.

Gaming is so weird. Do other forms of media try as hard to accommodate newcomers every step of the way, even in the final act? I dunno, I feel like at some point you should say “fuck you, catch up!” to the new people, but I guess that doesn’t equal dollar signs.

Mass Effect 3 should be the climax (duh), the culmination of everything that has come before it. Shepard has been through some serious shit to get where he is at the end of ME2. Bonds were made and broken, love had and lost, entire species eradicated or saved. What came before should inform how the characters act and amplify the emotional impact of the last game. To have all of that wiped clean and forgotten or boiled down to a “Thx for saving us, lol” email again? What a waste. (I have no idea if that’s what they’re doing, I’m avoiding spoilers, real or fake)

Geez, maybe my expectations are unrealistic. Kotaku says shut up, it’s a already a weird game with talking jellyfish and interspecies sex.