@redswir1 The mind blowing thing about Bethesda games, particularly (for me) the Elder Scrolls series, is the fact that at any point you can pretty much say “fuck this”, drop everything you’re carrying and try to eke out an existence living on things you can scavenge in the mountains. Or you can go cave exploring. Or you can make it your mission to wipe out every bandit fortress you see. Or… You get the idea. Freedom.

In past games, this has caused the story to suffer a bit and it’s entirely possible it will be the case here, too. That said, there always seems to be something to do, and the new “misc tasks” category of mini-quests means that if you don’t have time for a more lengthy session, there are plenty of things you can do that are still rewarding.

Combat is similar to Oblivion but has been tightened up, particularly with regard to blocking, wielding magic in your off hand and all manner of other goodies. It’s not as technical as From’s games, but neither is it a simple hack and slash. Levelling up your sneaking so you can slit someone’s throat (in first person) is immensely satisfying.