Okay, a couple hours of a rental copy of Skyrim, my first Elder Scrolls game (but not my first Bethesda game). Game seems really great with a lot of content and even surprisingly good game pad UI. But, I don’t yet feel like my life depends on owning this game.

At what point do you guys get totally sucked into these games? For me with RPGs (Japanese or Western) it’s when I first see the world map and really get a feel for how big it is. So far I’ve reached River-something and cleared a fairly big dungeon along with a quest (the golden claw thing). Guess I’ll play for a few more hours and then decide how I’ll spend my free time next week, but I can still go towards another game at this point.

What I wanna talk about here is the controls. How different does Skyrim control from Oblivion? If it’s not the same then I suspect Bethesda took some pointers from Demon’s Souls when designing the combat. This game doesn’t feel too different from From Software’s games when played in 3rd person. How accurate is this assertion?

Anyway, between the “Great Three RPGs of 2011”, each one has it’s own advantages over the other two:
Skyrim – Probably as much content as the other two combined. Good enough gameplay.
Dark Souls – Tightest combat and gameplay of the three. Interesting story, world, and art.
The Witcher 2 – Best story, world, graphics, and art of the three. Good enough gameplay/combat.

Between Dark Souls, and Witcher 2 I can’t decide which one is pulling me in more.