@Redswirl Time certainly has not been kind to MGS2. The gameplay can be mastered by the patient, and it is fairly rewarding and cinematic when one does, but you have to mess around with it alot.
Also, I feel that the dialogue in MGS2 is probably the poorest in the series. It was passable on release, and the crazy cinematic presentation made it all into an enjoyable spectacle … but today… not so good.
That said the rest of the games are still alright. 4 might not age so well if I think about it. However, 1, 3, and Peace Walker still hold up for me. Oh… and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. That game is tits. Sometimes I think that MG2 might just be my favorite Metal Gear. Any Metal Gear fan who hasn’t played it should.
Am I correct in assuming that it is included with the HD version of MGS3 subsistence? It seems strange to me that MGS1 is not included in the collection. I wonder what the plan is with that. Twin Snakes is still caught up in nintendo territory, but maybe they are planning something special there.

@Pete Hard to get everyone on one game, but I am all for a challenge. Failing all else … trivia.