@UMD Holy shit, that’s a little more complex than I was looking for! I do like the ship designs though, especially when they’ve got battleship turrets. Sins is missing that level of love and detail in the ships, but I forgive it as it makes it actually feasible to get hundreds of them on screen.

@Beige What’s next? Time to go after Seath the scaleless? “Only in a leap from the Lion’s head, will he prove his worth…”

Yeah, had a good time last night now that I can hear everyone. Dungeon Defenders is really awesome when you’re strategizing and defending with other people. My only gripe with fighting the “zugs” (as Beige has dubbed them) is that it can be a little spammy, at least for the squire. Even if not really needed, some different animations, combos, or a sword thrust or something would help break up the left click, left click, left click, left click, left click, frantic back and forth sword waving. But hey, that’s just me.