Just so folks know, Youmacon is this weekend, so if any of the squad is attending a michigan based anime convention, we should totally talk some old games. Look for the person who lacks enough shame to cosplay Vincent. He’ll be accompanied by both a K and a C -athrine and look like a goofball. =P Pics will probably be posted, to the possible ruination of my good name and temperant appearance. Can’t wait!

As for Dark Souls, We should probably strike soon on that sidemission squadcast, while people are still involved and suchlike. Plus, I expect we could actually get a shout out on Weekend Confirmed if we brought the activity to Garnett’s attention considering the unfinished Dark Souls tales from Jeff/Garnett. It would also be an excellent lead in to encourage Jeff Cannata to weigh in with another Dark Souls story and form an excellent common base for them to discuss the weapon combat in Skyrim.

That’d encourage us to look at somewhere between the 7th and 10th (they record friday yes?) I suppose I could bring a microphone to Youmacon and try to manage through hotel internet, but I don’t think that’s exactly a winning proposition >_>

Naturally if we aren’t particularly needy of a new influx of Peoples or don’t want to inject into that particular WC discussion (which I expect Dark Souls will actually come out ahead considering the variance of the weapon combat styles, prereqs, custom move sets etc.) then we could do it afterwards and do our own comparisons, trouble is I don’t know what Skyrim penetration around the squad is so the discussion might be more limited. (I myself plan on maybe poking at a demo, but not being week 1 on it, got a limited game budget and DS sucked a fair piece of that away)

Just a random train of thought, what do people think?

Also: Quick Dark Souls update, Got past Four Kings and then Seath, finally acquired sorceries I’ll need to level some to use. Great fun! I guess now I get to see what’s past Ceaseless Discharge