@impynickers I think your suggestions are pretty sound and within reason considering Nintendo’s tendencies.

Mario is a massive franchise right now – the only franchise that sells in the same stratosphere as Call of Duty. I’m very interested in seeing what will happen to the 3DS when Mario Kart 7 comes out. Last I checked Mario Kart DS is STILL selling copies.

The mention of Call of Duty is an interesting one too. I have no doubt in my mind that Treyarch’s next COD game will have a Wii-U version, and it’s highly possible that it will be the best console version just from a technical standpoint. Nintendo needs to advertise the fuck out of that.

I understand why Nintendo doesn’t do a lot of what enthusiasts ask them to do: waiting for the proper market penetration of each new technology along with profitability and doing it their own way. They didn’t embrace online last gen because less than 10 percent of console gamers used it back then, and most online gaming didn’t make any money either. I even recognize their current approach to online as something built from the ground-up for consoles rather than downgraded from the PC, their execution is just way off. On top of that it’s been a very Japanese solution to the demands of American and European audiences. Now Nintendo has conceded that they just don’t have the same knowhow on the subject as the western companies, and claim to be leaving it up to them. I at least think it’s good that Nintendo acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of its own nature.