Well, the wonderful adventure that was Demon’s/Dark Souls is now over. As it tends to be with video games, where one journey ends, another begins, but those were two games I’m not likely to forget.

For those that are still on the Dark Souls path, prepare yourselves for a final battle with an enemy that brooks no respite, none. @Beige, as far as I’m concerned, except for his soul level draining, King Allant doesn’t hold a candle to this guy in difficulty. Though Allant was just better overall, and more climactic.

There isn’t any fanfare, and the only build up is all the shit you’ve overcome to get there. He doesn’t even look like much, but that is a bad assumption! After stubbornly crashing against the rocks I had to retreat with my tail tucked between my legs, go back to the drawing board and upgrade a new shield, practice parrying, and learn his attacks and timings. One training montage later, I confidently walked down there and put up a fight.

Really impressed by their choice of music for that duel by the way, as for the actual ending itself…ummm, so that happened (???).