@impynickers Ehhhh don’t know. I will say that compared to its predecessor, Dead Space 2 is a much better action game and a slightly better horror game. If you haven’t played it yet I think $10 is definitely a worthwhile deal.

They tell you that DS2 is gonna be about ammo conservation and whatnot (especially if you played on “Survivalist” [hard] mode like I did0, but the game throws waves and hordes of enemies at you like any shooter, and I always seemed to find one more plasma cutter clip JUST as I was running out. It does manage to get intense at parts though (again, on hard mode), like a younger brother to Resident Evil 4. It still wants you to think that you’re playing by the rules of a classic survival horror though with item management and the occasional switches that need to be pressed, but not really.

Atmosphere-wise they seem to have learned a little bit from Silent HIll. There are points were DS2 might fake you out with noises, pull some lighting tricks to keep you on edge, etc. Even some of the enemies make you feel a bit uncomfortable every time they show up, but that’s still ultimately overshadowed by the “action” part of the game. That’s what it is: an action horror game that still tries to look like survival horror.

Oh, but the final boss can suck a dick though. What’s so horrible about it is that it is immediately preceded by a section that itself would have made for a satisfying climax to all of the atmosphere and rules of the game leading up to that point.