@beige Haha, nice. It wasn’t my only invader, just the only one I’ve fended off. I’ve had maybe 10 or 11 invaders (not including npcs), a bunch whooped my ass early on, I hid from, or escaped through boss fog from the rest. That last guy was the only one I actually had a fun duel with. In the catacombs I had spirits of vengeance invading, not sure who I pissed off there.

I really adore the wordless interaction, too. I parked myself right before Lost Izalith last night and stuck my thumb out in case any higher level passersby wanted a sellsword for the Centipede demon fight. Probably got summoned 6 times. 5 out of 6 times = me arising from the ground, exchanging bows with the host and any other summoned phantoms, casting spells, and charging into the boss fight, no questions asked (that last time the host jumped off a cliff and died). You know why you’re here, go make the host proud. Cheer/wave/bow, when your service has been completed.

Edit: Grats on Smoughstein. Ash lake is a dead end, worth visiting, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Dukes Archives, Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith, and the Tomb of Giants are your new open paths. Of course, there’s always New Londo. Go get those Lord’s souls to fill up that Lord Vessel, they’re punks.

Also, blacksmiths only take the embers they’re supposed to take (otherwise they say “naah dawg, it looks nice, but there’s probably a blacksmith in another castle…”. The one near Sen’s can get you to +10, the undead one in the catacombs is the one you want for fire and +15 (when you get the embers).