More souls!

I love Dark Souls moment #56

At soul level 80, I finally fought off my first invading player, a watershed moment for either game. It took me about this long to do the same in Demon’s Souls (and there’s another good story in that one).

When you walk back to a bonfire that refuses to light, and there aren’t any monsters chasing you, it’s cause for alarm. It’s because at that moment, some guy, from god knows where, was tunneling into my PS3 with the sole purpose of murdering me, and sure enough, “The Dark Spirit XxJapaneseNamexX has invaded!” pops up on my screen.

I was stuck in a bad spot, because the bonfire was nestled one floor beneath a stone walkway covered in Capra demons, a previous boss @beige detailed that isn’t hard alone at this level, but add a human player to the mix and you won’t have a chance. Below the bonfire? More monsters, all of which could come crashing up the stairway at me if I didn’t keep a distance.

For those who haven’t played these games, the thing about invasions is that you never know who you’re going to get. Usually you get a more experienced player that trounces you with overpowered gear, other times you get a player that hides behind monsters and waits, sometimes you get a jackass who glitches you to death, and every so often you get a player who strolls up to you like a samurai and uses the *bow* gesture before attacking (for many Demon’s Souls players this was standard procedure). Despite my shitty situation, I got the guy who respects his prey.

So I bowed back.

Then we circled each other around a set of pillars, shields up, looking for a weakness, waiting for someone to over commit. He acted first by two-handing his lightning imbued uchigatana and lunging first with a heavy swing. Miss. I countered with a lunge and an upward slash with the longsword as he recovered, and his life bar dipped to half. I don’t think he was expecting a fire enchantment. He backed off and brought his shield up again. I did the same. We got in close this time, he tried to get behind me to perform a backstab to even the score, but I wouldn’t let him.

There was a small exchange of blows, but even though my hp was starting to drop, his was getting dangerously close to 0. I was beginning to sense victory. The invader backed off again, so I dropped my shield and threw a fireball at him. No good, too slow. This was the opening he was waiting for. He lunged hard, hitting his mark before I could bring my great shield to bear. My hp plummeted, but not as much as he was hoping for. If it’s one thing I have, it’s lightning resist, and I have it in spades. Too bad. With a poise ring, my character barely staggered and with a few (hands shaking on the controller) uncoordinated slashes, I finished him off. The invader fell to his knees, I bowed as he disappeared from my game and then collected his humanity & souls.

Back to business.

“Mastery begets progression”, right? A small victory, but how sweet it is.

The battlefield: