@beige the story is a bit muddled in my head, I remember the room the slime got the drop on me was the large one in front of the merchant with the single slime on the top, which yeah, is before the rampart area… hard to say! I know I hadn’t found the campfire yet though.

Actually in current progress I knocked off the Ormstien and Smough last night at midnight (part the reason that the Amazing Adventures was so late, the informal summon spot isn’t actually in the main room, it’s at the base of the first set of stairs near the lever that summons the corkscrew tower, the good news is with extra people the sunlight knights aren’t such a pain and can’t cast heal so much, the bad news is you want to fight the boss but people occasionally summon you to get past the ramparts run. No benefit for you really, but nice to help people out anyway =D

Now, don’t burn me as something unnatural, but actually Anor Londo was really good for me. After having listened to that musical tribute to Anor Londo more then most of my other music I really enjoyed the dungeon. It’s bright, soul return is high, my sparkly new Covetous Gold Serpent Ring ment that every enemy was full of potential goodness, got tons of armor, tons of weapons, no less then 4(3?) bonfires, and a very Shingro-esque message at the end at the end. (I believe it says “Imminent Amazing Chest”) Boss killed me a fair amount, but I had about equal trouble with the iron golem until I started rolling behind him instead of trying to keep away

Also: using invisibility for that is something I hadn’t even considered :\ woulda made the madhouse run up the parapet about 6x easier and I think saved me 10k souls, will file that away for future tricks, currently my loadup is much more “The Honorable USS Total Annihilation”

Now that I got the lordvessel I suppose it’s probably time for me to see what’s in the CATACOMBS 😐

(not finding the moonlight butterfly until sen’s fortress really pinched my divine weapon thought >_>)

Also: does anyone know why I can’t teleport to any campfire? It seems to be a really limited selection

PS: Extra Credits is a great show, especially if you like to think about games and gaming in a more analytic way, I saw them when they came from The Escapist (escapistmagazine.com) which has a lot of pretty good video content. Unskippable is MST3K for game trailers, Moviebob does an interesting Big Picture (general ruminations of a comics/movie/game nerd) and Escape to the movies is a pretty good movie critique which tends towards the nerd movies (which is to say, the things I actually care about)

To say nothing of Zero Punctuation and Extra Credits having been there.

@unmanneddrone I was actually looking at that sale on steam, not sure what to do with it, I actually didn’t play Sins despite a love of Strategy and tech trees, (oh, and I dropped a lot of cash recently on games and rent is by a convoluted method jumping 130$) but would you say it’s worth it? I loved the homeworld-esque look of the trailers