@redswir1 You are. And that level you’re on? It keeps going down, and down. And down. AND DOWN. There is a direct vertical line — that is, you can drop a coin — beginning at Undeadburg, down through Lower Undeadburg, Blighttown, the Great Hollow and the Ash Lake (or Demon’s Place and Izalith, take your pick plinko). Six levels straight muhfuckin DOWN.

You can also go down the darkroot basin, you can go down the catacombs and into the Giant’s Tomb. Sen’s fortress goes UP but then you go down again into Anor Londo. Verticality, son. They has it.

Never since Silent Hill have I gone DOWN down DOWN so much in a video game. That depths-to-blighttown run really starts to wear on you after a while, which is unquestionably the whole point. At least you’ve still got, you know, LIGHT at this point. That won’t be a forever thing.