So I have a plan to deal with those goddamned Gargoyles at the top of the Parish. Yeah I’m behind but what the fuck ever.

See, I kinda wasted all those Gold Pine Resins I got earlier. Didn’t know what they were and accidentally used a couple. Well shit, guess those Charcoal Resins I got from the insane Irish zombie merchant girl in the sewer will have to do.

I’ve got three humanities and I think at least one summon stone thingy. I just gotta get up there and through the elite guard and that gaggle of zombie slave dudes without dying ONCE. That big-ass knight dude used to be there but disappeared after he knocked me off that narrow bridge. Huh.

After that I think I’ve already got two or three other bosses available to me.

Also, for some reason I have not encountered one arrow so far in this game. My entire time playing I’ve had absolutely no means of ranged combat. None.

I’m trying to use the guides and wikis as little as possible. This just seems like a game made to be discovered, not told.