Just started with Game Access (The Canadian Gamefly alternative), first test is Dark Souls.
Obligatory Dark Souls tale:
Not realizing I could run away from the tutorial boss until I get a weapon was my first mistake.
After I got a weapon though the game eased up. I got into a groove where I just breezed through enemies at a very solid but slow pace which carried me through. Patience pays off in this game.
The Undead Burgh has started to engrain itself into my brain now. Spear dudes were probably the biggest hurdle at first, and occasionally a flame bomb would get me. Nothing felt too unfair though until I got mercilessly flamed by a dragon. Yeah, I can make it across the bridge if I use a health potion … but I would prefer to have some skillfull way to make it across unscathed. Maybe I am missing something.
Now I am finding myself thwarted by poisonous rats that carrode my weapons. The reinforced club that has owned the show up to this point is now quite useless. I have died alot as a result. Time to deal with that crazy merchant. Will he sell my zombie kidneys on the zombie black market?
I really do need to look at a guide for this game. I often enjoy piecing things out for myself, but there is alot here that isn’t spelled out enough.. and I may be at an extreme disadvantage if I don’t do my research.

I tried the Dungeon Defenders demo, seems spectacular. I will likely pick that up at some point. Also the Missing Link. I am running out of free time with which to play all this though, especially with Uncharted and Skyrim looming overhead. Ill just pick a couple out of my growing list, and leave the remainder for the christmas holidays.

Ill put some thought into more music submissions. The thought of another mix is exciting.