Mark, Bowley and anyone else who wants to play Dungeon Defenders tonight (up to 4 players co-op) — give me a shout on Steam when you’re available and I’ll set up a game. I am free for the whole evening (UK time) so just say the word whenever — give me an hour or so to get some dinner first.

I recommend if you’ve never played before to use the Apprentice or Squire classes as they have the most traditional buildings. I’m going to give the Huntress a try later — I have a level 14 Squire already but figured I’ll start on a level playing field with you lot when we kick off.

Online can be played either in Ranked (online-only, but features special events on specific dates) or Open (can use offline characters and mods) mode — anyone have any preference? I’ve been playing Ranked up until now but have no strong preference.

Let’s get our game on! It’s been too long.