Alright! Back from work, my turn!

Samishi Kunai Mon – UNDER17 / Shingro
As far as the more denpa-kei music goes this is a sadder one then most, earnest and forthright, very much Lonely Boy Music. Though I recognize the irony of it being sung by someone standing in front of thousands of screaming fans. =P The lead singer of UNDER17 started idol-isms way back when dancing around akihabara with a Power Glove singing “Gura gura guradiasu” which is a song about Gradius =P pretty pro if you ask me, also: that is the voice of a 32 year old woman only slightly modified =P

Sakuranbo Kiss – Kotoko / Shingro
You’re My Treasure – Kotoko / Shingro

You might have remembered my previous post, where I said “man I don’t want to just drop people down the madhouse rabbit hole with something like Kotoko right off the bat, this was followed very closely by a confused look on my face and the thought “Well why not?” skipping enthusiastically through my head… hence the Kotoko picks. I went for songs that really started with the sugar immediately and so strong they’d be distinctive regardless of what they followed. I wanted something with enough english sprinkled in to engage the ear since it’s pretty easy to just totally sign off all the lyrics to “can’t understand” and simple enough that even a little japanese could get you through most of it. It doesn’t hurt that the lyrics (all translated versions of which seems to have disappeared off the internet… :\) are that sort of encouraging, happy ‘ain’t life just grand?!’ lyrics that I really approve of, and You’re my Treasure does a solid portion of it in english, so I wanted to expose that particular element of this musical styling.

Oh, that and Kotoko does the craziest hyper digital sounding sugar-infused business under the sun or moon =D

Also: tomorrow I’m considering picking up Dark Souls or Demon souls if I can, I figure I can bring a far different story then most of us do, but still, which should I pursue? I intend to start pretty much blind except the stories I’ve heard here and on misc gaming podcasts, and be extremely light on the internet part of it. How much more refined is Dark souls then demon souls?