@beige Hah, sounds like a good first (real) day, and enemies you can’t fight without a certain item. Why am I not surprised? That should be an interesting boss. Better start farming.

Three bosses yesterday:

Leechmonger (5-1) – I think I was way overleveled for this guy. If you remember, he’s a swamp blobby thing at the bottom of a circular spiraling wooden footpath. Player notes on the ground said use fire and pointed out sniper spots. I did this a few times, it hurt him, but he healed up faster than I had mana to kill him. A few of his projectile blobs hit me, but didn’t do any terrible damage, so I just ran down the spiral got into the swamp with him covered head to toe in his shit, and basically swiped at him with a +3 Dragon longsword until he died. Any hits he got on me I nonchalantly backed up and healed with grass. I died more to the big rat people with clubs than to him.

Old Hero (4-2) – I can see how this guy would be a bitch, especially for melee which I mostly am. But after getting my body back from Leechmonger, I summoned a blue player for the 4-2 stretch, just in case anyone invaded. We made it all the way to Old Hero without incident and the boss fight turned out to be me dodging everywhere and trying to not die (since the boss only focused on me for some reason?), and the blue player doing 90% of all the damage. I got down to slivers of life multiple times while being directly under the boss, but we made it. These bosses that just run up to you and molest you are real rough on melee classes, thankfully I had a buddy this time. Props if you did this alone, I feel for you.

Penetrator (1-3) – He’s sexual, and he’s violent. Another in your face melee boss that, from the outset, looked like it was going to be a long night. However, they threw me a bone and had an NPC I freed from jail tank the boss with me stabbing him in the back and occasionally dodging those wide-ass swings of his. Easier than I expected. I saw a lot of bloodstains of people getting impaled, I guess they don’t explore much?

My favorite fight so far is still Tower Knight, because it was a god damned ordeal that took me forever to figure out and get the timing down of when I could get around his enormous shield and actually get in and slash at his feet (thank you player messages). He didn’t run up into your face, so you had some time to think, but he could still chop you in half and stomp on you when you fucked up, as well as get you from range. Took the better part of an hour on that one.

Armored Spider, False Idol, and Dragon God (God of War boss battle), were all interesting deviations from “run up and molest all your holes” bosses. Stonefang is the only area cleared at the moment.