@Feen I don’t think I can jump directly from Demon’s to Dark Souls, going to need to recover in an iron lung for a few months first.

Played that game for an unhealthy amount of time last weekend. It’s really an awesome, unique game, that people should try, if not actually play all the way through. The sense of exploration and discovery under constant life threatening peril is second to none. That “be careful, or die”, design is so ancient now, especially the pvp aspect, which harkens back to ~1998 during the wild west of MMOs (except you don’t get looted clean when you die or fail your corpse run). Demon’s Souls is superbly crafted dark, medieval fantasy with a weird Japanese edge, where all the monsters molest you, and all the npcs are depressed and tell you to fuck off.

Welcome to Demon’s Souls, Bowley – Weekend Highlights:

Screwed myself out of two powerful spells by consuming two special souls dropped by bosses. There was nothing to indicate I had other options. Oh well!

Lost 14,000 souls and two hours of level clearing, falling down a pit trying to get back to my previous bloodstain where I accidentally had one foot in magma while I was looking at my inventory. There is no pause.

30+ minute blind first attempt at Tower Knight boss. I won. Apparently that was an easy boss.

Got hunted down by a player who invaded my world with griefing gear on. While I was freaking out having never encountered any of this before, he poisoned me, broke all my weapons and armor with a weapon put in the game solely for griefing, killed me, jumped off a cliff, and then trolled me over PSN. 15,000 soul repair bill. Lesson learned, I don’t wear heavy armor any more. Optimized griefing = the downside of playing a two year old game. My reply message? “<3"

Hid from an invading player, who got bored and killed all the enemies (they don't attack him) in my world and disconnected. Free souls.

Invading player ran past me and started killing enemies. Beckoned me to follow. Yeah, right.

Helped a guy beat a boss as a blue helper phantom, got my body back. Before I could go back to the hub world, got immediately invaded by a black phantom. Playstation button -> XMB -> quit game. Only way to get out. Eff off, I get invaded like every 5 minutes in world 4.

Found an item out on a ledge over a void. There was no way to get back off the ledge. Message left by player there, "best of luck to you!"

Player messages that tell you to step off cliffs, sometimes they're sincere, sometimes not so much. You can't always manipulate the camera to tell.

Two player messages next to an NPC you come across in a level. "Liar" and "a good guy waits ahead".

"The TRUE Demon's Souls starts here" player messages. You know you're in for some shit, even despite all the crap you went through to get to that point.

Crystal geckos that you NEED to kill to get high weapon upgrades, but they run away immediately and disappear when they see you. After a while, they PERMANENTLY DON'T RESPAWN.

And much more!