@beige Yurt’s dead, baby, Yurt’s dead.

Also, this.

The fact that can happen and crucial npcs can die, is both awesome and fucked up.

Anyway, the always losing at pvp thing hasn’t gotten me down, I’m still trucking along. Despite all of the craziness, this game hasn’t been frustrating. I’ve gotten frustrated at less significant, less difficult games. Not once has Demon’s Souls ever felt unfair or impossible. You just need to get kicked in the nuts, dust yourself off, and be better or do something different. Like you said, you only lose…30 min? an hour?

The two spells I lost were Ignite and Warding, ignite would’ve been nice for pvp, warding for pve.

With your TOB info, I’ve moved away from heavy armor knight guy (also due to stamina regen and not being able to roll the fuck out of the way), to a more balanced battlemage kind of build. I think I’m sitting at 20v/16i/19e/18s/14d/17m/17f/8L right now. At a tipping point where I could go more into magic or more melee.