@redswir1 I’d say you wouldn’t have the WRPG as it is today without the Ultima foundation, not to mention Ultima Online was the precursor things like World of Warcraft AND the Ultima Underworld games really did a lot for expanding upon the conceit of the FPS in much the same way as System Shock did. One of the first really effective graphical world building/inhabitation efforts in the medium for my money. Even the buggy, busted and broken Ultima 9 (which apparently was the cause of Ultima Online 2 getting shelved) was a tremendous step towards things like The Witcher.

Has a very rich backstory, too, if you’re into that. Even if you wait a while for the next Ultima batch from GoG…I’d say for your money it’d be better to nab something like the Ultima VII games, The Black Gate and Serpent Isle – that particular section of the Ultima franchise is seminal to the isometric RPG. You can really see them shine through in things like Baldur’s Gate.

Takes a lot to get me interested in fantasy, but the Ultima series definitely deserves its place at the table.

Other squaddies will definitely have a deeper and more profound love, no doubt.