posting from my phone since some construction dude wrecked my internet line somehow D=

@beige HAW HAW! (What? =P no one else was doing it and I didn’t want him to feel bad) I can say from a hacking specialist that only 30% of the hacking suite is needed for complete domination of the digital world, I just got to shanghai and I have around 30 nuke and stop viruses each, with only lvl1 stealth and no extra fortification that gives you a 6-8 praxis point buffer right there of completely unessecary points if you can keep up your stocks of viruses

As for the persona fighting game… according to the famitsu scans and the screanshots, it actually looks like it will function a lot like the JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure fighting game for PS1, (you’ll have to youtube it yourself because I can’t easily from my phone.) So excited! Gotta love the more relaxed grip japanese companies hold on their copyrights (<— shameless Team Japanese Dev plug)

Also, as long as we're talking about Giantbombness Let me say that the Squad should definately play The Stanley Parable. It's a halflife mod that explores concepts of choice and freedom in a clever and british accented manner. Basicly, it's trying to tell a story, and is aware of when you as a gamer are trying to buck the system and take things off the rails. Takes 5-10 minutes to play depending on how you do it. Reminded me of the Pathologic podcast even if it has less time to set you up so to speak.

Go play it! Time investment is as close to 0 as It could be