@bluesforbuddha@bowlisimo See, in the original Deus Ex I decided to go mostly stealth, but dropped my pacifism rule for certain kinds of people. Specifically: MK12 members and anyone else who was obviously “in” on the whole corrupt shadow government deal. I would stay mostly cool, gas my way into that Hong Kong corporation’s front door and past the receptionist. As soon as an alarm went off down in the labs though, I basically turned into Ziyi Zang with that nano sword.

I am considering doing the same thing with the mercs in Human Revolution. I am especially considering doing this since I spoiled myself into finding out about a part later on where some of the dudes can permanently kill one of your dudes.

Now I need to ask if anyone here has played Ultima. The first three games just hit GOG (totoal of 15MB WTF?!), and looking at screenshots of them has given me a glimpse into the time before time. At what point do the Ultima games have, like, actual graphics?

Look, I’m 25 years old. I was born in ’86 and started gaming in ’90. NES is about as far back as I think I could go, though according to my research there were console versions of Ultimas 3-6. So what is the significance of that franchise? Is it like the Dragon Quest of the west or something? I remember reading that the guy who directed Final Fantasy XII and Tactics was heavily influenced by Ultima.