@bowlisimo I think it was on the G4 video review of X3: Reunion that had Morgan Webb sum up her disdain at the state of tepid alien dogfighting AI with “What’s a girl got to do to get a bit of hard Kha’ak around here?!”. I let that one pass, found it smirk-worthy. Keep me informed. I’ve come to the conclusion I really need to hold off on my X3 adventures because it’s not a game where I can truly put a lot of time into each time I play, so those long sessions where you can really drive credit into your account with direction have to wait until the kid gets a little older and can fend for herself on the hillsides of Sparta.

@cgrajko I’d very much be interested in your view of Owlboy, sir. More pixel love.

Squaddies with a penchant for fiddling about in Dubya-dubya Two. Men of War Collector’s Edition/Pack thing is 15 smackers on Gamersgate. That’s the original MoW, the Soviet Marine-centric single player spin-off Red Tide and the fantastic made-for-coop Assault Squad in one pack.