It’s not the challenge, but the fact that Catherine get’s frustrating when I get stuck. When I actually finish a puzzle on the eighth try (five of which were due to me pressing the wrong button), the sense of accomplishment I get doesn’t match the frustration I went through getting there. That’s what turned me off of Braid.

Similarly, I’m starting to regret playing the Megami Tensei games on normal. The main reason I enjoy them is for the story and characters – in the case of Persona, the social links. That’s because the dungeon-crawling in those games just isn’t that fun for me.

Alternate example: Top Spin. You need to man-up and learn to play Top Spin, but once you do, each win gives off (or at least gave me) a sense of accomplishment matching the challenge. Catherine does not.

To put it simply, Cathrerine is more difficult than it is fun.