@Shingro – Liking Persona 4 is not a good reason to assign someone to review Catherine. The only things these games really share are a connection to the Shin Megami Tensei universe, their staff, and (I hope) an art style – the experience of playing them is completely different. So…yeah, that sucks, rather.

@RedSwirl – Most of what I’d recommend for Deus Ex players has already been said. Explore, explore, explore; it will pay off with more than just XP, though that’s certainly a plus. I am probably the only person who thinks it’s much more awesome if you play it by killing as few things as possible, but this is an oddity I bring to many games I play. I feel so much more stylish using nonlethal methods.

@Everybody who’s been talking about From Dust – Be advised it’s not a “god game” in the way Black and White is a god game. I think it’s more appropriately considered as something like “Puzzles. With Physics!”

It is really very relaxing, though, and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as we have.