@Shingro But the thing abot the BioWare games – and really all WRPGs that I’ve played so far, is that they’ve made the storyline itself a part of the gameplay with the conversation systems and the choices you make. That has been my favorite part of every BioWare game I’ve played so far.

Even that could become a challenge too. The most difficult side quest for me in Mass Effect 2 was Samara’s loyalty quest where you have to set yourself up as bait for a rapist – investigating what kind of stuff the target likes and playing towards it. There are parts of ME2 that could border on Ace Attourney except you have full control over your character. Similarly, The Witcher 2 had a lot of choices that felt uncomfortable for me (whether or not they actually affected the storyline).

If someone made a game that was like Mass Effect or The Witcher 2, but all I did was explore, talk to people, and make storyline choices, I would play the shit out that game. Basically what I want is Heavy Rain written by BioWare.