I’m actually really glad there’s boundaries being pushed in terms of what works/cohesive productions with things like Catherine. One of those crazy titles involving or shining a light onto a man’s psychological disposition and meshing it with a puzzle game. In an age of sequelitis, you’ve got to be happy with that. When my net gets back up and running (still having issues, sadly), I’m going to nab the demo and see for myself. You never know. Might end up loving it. I really was just looking to overcome my dashed hopes for a…uh…I dunno, a heady contemporary RPG with strange Miike madness trappings. That’s what it’ll take for me to jump back into a JRPG again these days. Or something similar.

And the mature enquiry wasn’t meant to affront, if it did. It was meant to ascertain if any of the storytelling and character interplay felt contrived or illegitimate. Glad to hear it fires on most, if not all, cylinders in that department.

@feenwager Bulletstorm: underrated and undersold, sadly. It makes you wonder…charming love letters to the old school like that really do distil what you’d think a lot of FPS fans would want these days – cutting the BS and going straight for the bang-bang. But sadly no. Keep an eye out for Bodycount if Bulletstorm continues to float the boat. It’ll probably be bypassed by the herd, but as a spiritual sequel to the original idea of what Black was supposed to be – chaining combo kills, maximum destruction, unashamedly arcadey – it’s one of my most anticipated titles. Plus, it’s got some interesting cover mechanic and destructible environments. Out at the end of August.

Here’s a hands-on preview.