@redswir1 It would! That was what I hoped for, but alas, it isn’t strictly true, depending on how you’ve shaped Vincint’s attitude, he’ll comment differently, but there seems to only be one path until the game is over, at least as far as I’ve found. That being said, there’s certain pronoun switches in the subtitles that make me suspicious for alternate routes and/or DLC.

@unmanneddrone Well, there’s a free demo on both systems, so you can make your own judgement on that. I will say that since the nightmare levels are in vincint’s head, there’s a certain amount of development on the actual levels and twice that much on the Landings, which is basically tiny camps where all the survivors of the previous climb gather to take a quick breather. The game feels very…. coherent somehow, I’m not sure how else to explain it.

Youtubing it would indeed work, and I don’t expect to earn them all legitimately, but like youtubing portal, it’s a disservice to the complete package. There’s a reason everyone seems to be saying “Play it honestly once first..”

Besides, between Rapunzel, the Colosseum, Babel and the 8 endings there’s plenty to squeeze 60$ out of, I’ve certainly gotten a lot more mileage out of it then MvC3.