Alright, I was prepared to be disappointed on my second run through for a quick full out balls to the wall Catherine ending. I set it to Easy and got through with all golds in about 8 hours judging by my playtime clock (it’s cumulative!) and… I have to say, though it was unfair of me, I really wanted to see the game be a bit like Way of the Samurai (or whatever that PS1 2 hour, 50+unique paths RPG was) with complete variations in story events.

Catherine, alas, is not that game, the story is, by and large, the story. Fortunately, while sliding into home base was mostly the same, I found that I enjoyed the gameplay just as much the next time through. Using advanced techniques to solve puzzles in atypical manners was good fun, and the actual ending had multiple phases and might have been one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a game. Powerful contender for ‘favorite ending ever.’ Like Vincint’s one night stand, sleep on it in case I know better in the morning.

So, the game is indeed short compared to say, persona. Yet it’s very long and varied if compared to say, Portal 2. If I read the trophy count right, there is indeed 8 endings of different flavors and the “pure catherine” ending I snagged was long and definitely satisfying. In retrospect I’m not sure I would ever see 8 endings if it was a 30 hour epic. So bullet dodged, disappointment sublimated, and I can recommend the game without any reservations. The only sadness I can really say is they don’t leave a lot of the symbolism and metaphor to imagination, still, I suppose I can understand that decision too.

Addendum: Also, I find it interesting that a friend and I argued Kat vs Cat honestly from two completely separate positions, considering that events in the story are static and fairly polarizing.