Just finished the Catherine demo and I gotta say, it is damn damn good.

Even though I’m a huge Persona fan, I thought I was going to give this game a pass until it dropped in price a bit. No longer.

Atlus has to be in the running for the “Largest Company Ball Set” over there, when they decide they’re going to depart from the norm, they sure go all out.

The main character is thirty two (atypical as JRPG protags go) and while the game has indeed got anime fanservice, the main conflict in the game seems to be some hardcore conflict around MARRIAGE. Talk about a thing that’d never normally come up on a JRPG staff’s white board of “Main plot elements for the mainstream gaming public”

Except maybe it *should* be. Gamers are indeed getting older, I was a fresh faced boy playing FFII on my SNES once, but I’m 29 now, the topics that the game developers can use to create investment with me is far broader then it once was.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give the game a free pass, but between that Atlus Persona-esque visual style, the incredibly surreal and strange dream environments, a hard as balls puzzle mechanic, (This might be my first “playthrough on easy” game if the demo is any indication @_@) and the possibility for a mature type of story that has never been done in the mainstream RPG spotlight?