@beige I did indeed hear that, actually, they had to tone down the difficulty for the JAPANESE because even Easy was too hard! American version gets Very Easy as well as some playabiltiy smoothings.

I know that might frighten people but as one of those guys who loved cutting my teeth on FOEs in Eterean Odyssey, my response is *so* *stoked* Not sure how to approach it though, I want to see all the varients of decision you can make, which means it could go as long as 3 playthroughs, I did FES, I did EO, I want to believe I could do Catherine…. but most RPGs are about manipulating numbers, Catherine is about puzzles… so being stuck might be more….. complete… then RPG ‘stuck’

Then again, the combination of challenging gameplay with the shine of “first run” in a legitimate story, especially a horror story which narratively feeds off not knowing the end… that combination is hard to find anywhere, dare I skip it?

Besides, the panic of being unable to solve a puzzle while Impending Doom gets ever closer… that’s a part of the experience you don’t really want to jettison right?

Still, no way in hell I’m going over normal first time.

As for 30 second hero, Congrats in surviving 3 second Hero! That thing was a brute, but oddly I found 300 second almost a bit more difficult, because by only having 3 seconds, there was NO WAY to do ANYTHING wrong, the moment you do something wrong? The world explodes. That kinda gives you a much better…. ‘funnel’ to guide your next playthrough.

Actually, come to think about it. Half Minute Hero is another great example of an RPG that levels you up by personal experience, rather then experience. Catherine looks like it’ll be like that too